Cute puppy switching from kibble to PawFoods fresh organic healthy food for dogs

It's normal to worry about changing your pet's diet.

But now it's different.

dog food

Organic for a reason


Most dogs have a sensitive stomach to changes in diet - and others can eat anything in their way.

PawFoods makes the transition to an organic, fresh, healthy diet very easy for you and your pup.

Through our gentle steaming process and careful selection of the highest quality ingredients, dogs transition over to PawFoods quickly and smoothly.

Some dogs have been on a kibble diet for a very long time. That is why we suggest making the transition phase be one day for every year your dog has been on kibble. During this transition, mix in PawFoods with their kibble for those days and very soon they will be ready to make the full switch to PawFoods!

Cute dog eating healthy fresh food

Quality of Food & Ingredients

Is PawFoods really organic? Is it locally sourced?

All of our Proteins are human grade and USDA Certified. Our Fruits, Vegetables, Eggs and Chia Seeds are Organic and our Nutrient Booster is made with natural oils + vitamins. Most of our produce is sourced locally in California.

Is it a complete & balanced meal?

Absolutely! All ingredients are selected with specific benefits for your dog. The few extra vitamins or minerals not provided naturally from the meal ingredients will be provided by the high quality ingredients selected for our booster.

Can my puppy eat this food?

Puppies can and should eat this food! Our recipes are perfectly formulated to be a complete and balanced meal for dogs of all ages and sizes - just select your dog's size for the ideal portion.

Is it grain free?

Grains are a necessary part of a healthy diet and our food contains just the right amount of grains for your pet. Kibble and other processed foods gave grains a bad reputation since they were using way too much of it as fillers. 

What are the recipes available?

We have 3 recipes: Chicken and Steak for a regular diet and our Fish recipe which is a leaner meal for pups needing to lose a little weight.

How long does it last in the fridge and in the freezer?

3 days sealed in the fridge, up to 9 months in the freezer.


How long does it take to thaw?

Overnight in the fridge or a few hours on the counter.

Is the packaging BPA free? Is it recyclable?

Yes! The packaging is BPA free. The packaging is not fully recyclable yet – we are actively working on this.

Is PawFoods certified/accredited?

Yes! PawFoods is fully certified and complies with the highest standards in pet food nutrition stipulated by the AAFCO – the association that defines what should be included in pet food and minimum / maximum quantities needed.

I'm almost there, but have a few more questions...

Cooking Process & Transition

What makes PawFoods better or how does it compare to other fresh dog food?

We are the only fresh dog food company that steams and uses all-organic produce. The way we cook maintains maximum nutrients for your pup. We are very transparent in what is going into your dog’s meal. Our food is also conveniently packaged as an individual meal for your pup so it is quick and easy to serve.

How is the food cooked/prepared?

Our entire cooking process uses steaming to preserve maximum nutrients. Different than frying, boiling or industrial processing of ingredients, steaming gently cooks all the food to remove bacteria, but preserves all natural juices and nutritional values.

Why is it better than kibble?

Unlike kibble, our food has no added fillers or preservatives and does not go through a heavy processing or extrusion process. Nutrients are provided from the food itself instead of large amounts of unnatural vitamins and minerals like other foods. With PawFoods, no extra supplements are necessary.

How long should it take to transition my dog to this food?

Every pup is different but we recommend a paced introduction depending on how long your pup has been on kibble. Each year of kibble = one day of transition, mixing in 50% of their current diet with 50% of PawFoods. Adjust as needed and possibly transition faster if you see your pup has quickly adjusted to PawFoods.

Will this food give my dog soft stool?

It is very unlikely, but like any new food for your pup, it can be possible your pup will need some time to get used to PawFoods.

Ordering Process & Ongoing Deliveries

How do I purchase PawFoods?

You can purchase online and select an Ongoing Delivery or a one-time order. For our larger meals (1, 1-1/2 and 2 cup) these will be delivered weekly to optimize your freezer space. Our smaller recipes (1/4 and 1/2 cup) take up less space and 2 weeks of meals will be delivered at a time. We also offer local pick-up at our partner store in Irvine, CA.

How does the Ongoing Delivery work?

Ongoing Deliveries make life simple and convenient for you and you will receive your regular shipments of PawFoods every week or 2 weeks depending on the meal size you select. These deliveries can be cancelled at any time and also resumed when you're ready to start again.

Any discounts or special offers?

Yes! The Ongoing Deliveries have a discounted price to the one-time orders.

What if I need to change my address or card on file?

Easily log in to your customer portal at the top right of the page and all those options will be available to you.

Can I talk to a human?

Yes! The entire team at PawFoods is committed and dedicated to making pets healthier every day and can't wait to tell you all about it. You can call or email us anytime:

Phone: (949) 550-1818