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Auto-Renew | worry-free delivery to your doostep

  • Box includes all meals for 28 days (56 meals)

  • Delivered and billed every 4 weeks

One-time Purchase | choose as a trial or as a topper option

  • 56 meals served at your own pace (half/half or as a special treat)

Chicken Feast Ingredients | 100% Gluten-free

  • All Natural fresh dog food, gently steamed to preserve maximum nutrients

  • Gluten free, 100% natural Chicken

  • No fillers, preservatives or meat by-products

  • Organic fruits and vegetables filled with healthy antioxidants

  • Complete & balanced for all life stages - from puppy to adult

  • All ingredients sourced in the USA

Serving size & Calories:

  • 1/4 cup | 2oz | 57g

  • 35 kcal per oz | 70 kcal per meal

Chicken Feast

Easy to digest recipe made with all-natural Chicken, all-organic fruits and vegetables, gluten free and gently steamed to preserve nutrients. Loaded with Super-foods and Anti-oxidants with organic chia-seeds, eggs, butternut squash and blueberries

$148.43 (Auto-Renew)

$156.24 (One-Time)


Delivered and billed every 4 weeks

PawFoods Meals come packaged in our convenient Paw-Package - allowing you to see all the natural, wonderful ingredients your pet is about to enjoy and quickly mix everything together for a great, hassle-free and mess-free meal!


You also get a bonus organic dental treat to give to your pet to help clean their teeth and reduce doggy breath!

Easy and Simple Exchange and Refund Policy:

Bowl Licked Clean Guarantee: for Auto-Renew orders, your pet did not fully enjoy a certain recipe, just let us know and we will swap it for another recipe, it's that simple!

If that still doesn't work, we understand every pup is different and some pups may simply not adjust to a fresh food diet. If for any reason, our recipes are not working out for your pup, we appreciate you trying, and we will give you a full refund for your order.

Shipping is available Nationwide in the Continental US.

Local pick-up is also available in Orange County, CA. Pick-up address is 16811 Noyes Ave, Irvine, CA and 8645 Research Dr, Irvine, CA

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