We are committed and dedicated to preparing
the best and healthiest food for your dog

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Seeing first hand what pets need

By experiencing the difficulty pet owners face daily to pick the right food for their pets, we realized there are a lot of different options out there - but why was nothing simple, effective and just...really great food?

We had to find a way to provide this to our pups


The challenge of choices

So we started tapping into experts to understand this better and partnered with vets, experienced formulators and fully embraced the pet food industry association standards (AAFCO) to find the ideal formula and ideal meal for dogs.

By combing through all the options, nutritional research and customer concept testing, we carefully selected improvements to all areas of the dog's diet and the pet parent's meal prep experience to create an amazing meal that's a pleasure both for your pet and for you!


Passion for creating the best for pets

With all this to guide and drive us, we got to work using the huge knowledge and passion our team has for caring for pets, combined with a lot of research, to develop the best possible food you can give to your pet! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how your dog enjoyed Paw Foods. Feel free to send us a quick note or comment below.

We can't wait to make you smile when you see your pup thoroughly enjoying every single meal! :-)

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