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Coated retriever dog food

For you.

Cute maltipoo playing on grass. Maltipoo Dog Food

For you.

Cute Pomeranian playing on grass. Best Pomeranian Dog Food

And for you.

Our Passion

Driven by the passion we have for our own dogs, we set off with a simple objective in mind:

"Create the best food a dog can eat, with a great experience for the owner."

Cute pitbull eating a meal with fork and knife. Pitbull Dog food

How to create the best dog food?

A LOT OF RESEARCH! We partnered with vets, experienced formulators and fully embraced the pet food industry association standards (AAFCO) to find the ideal formula and ingredients for dogs.

By combing through all the options, nutritional research and customer concept testing, we carefully selected improvements to all areas of the dog's diet to create an amazing meal that's a pleasure both for your dog and for you.

Making it simple for you

Existing packaging for fresh food was a huge frustration. They were difficult to open, measure and store. We knew there had to be a better way to help owners.

So we created our very own Paw-Package. A simple, clear and custom-sized package that allows owners to just open and serve. No mess, no complicated measuring and storing. And of course it's paw shaped!

Superfoods that support digestion and the immune system

Nutritional Booster packed with the best minerals and vitamins

4 real fruits that improve daily body health

Easy instructions, mess-free package and an easy-peel to serve PawFoods hassle-free

Did someone say treat? Yes! An organic treat for the end of each meal

The best fresh ingredients, natural meats and organic vegetables to create a perfectly balanced meal for your dog

Cute French Bulldog listening to feedback. Bulldog dog food

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