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PawFoods is healthiest food your dog can eat. Gluten-free, organic ingredients.

Custom-sized, easy-to serve meals.

Delivered to your door. Try PawFoods today!


Highest quality USDA meats, Organic fruits & Vegetables, Superfoods and an Organic Treat 


100% Gluten-Free to support your dog's healthy digestion. 


Make meal time easy with ready-to-serve packaging and multiple meal sizes.

The best food you can give your dog.

Switch today.

Superfoods that support digestion and the immune system

Nutritional Booster packed with the best minerals and vitamins

4 real fruits that improve daily body health

Easy instructions, mess-free package and an easy-peel to serve PawFoods hassle-free

Did someone say treat? An organic treat for the end of each meal

The best fresh ingredients, premium meats and organic vegetables to create a perfectly balanced meal for your dog

Healthy dog food with ingredients and convenient packaging

The Best Fresh Food for your dog.

Convenient, Ready to Serve Meals

All-Organic Fruits and Vegetables

The healthiest 
fresh ingredients for your dog

Steam-cooked to preserve maximum nutrients

All in one easy,

PawFoods Healthy, handcrafted Meals & Organic Treat

A mess-free way to serve your dog's next meal

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100% Gluten-Free Recipes

Choose from 3 delicious recipes

Steak Sensation recipe healthy food bowl
PawFoods Steak Sensation meal packaging

Ideal for:

- Active pups

- Joint support

- Some allergies

- All taste buds

- Soft coat

Chicken feast recipe healthy food bowl
PawFoods Chicken Feast meal packaging

Ideal for:

- Mellow pups

- No allergies

- Soft coat

- Better stool

- Stable weight

Under the sea fish recipe healthy food bowl
PawFoods Under the Sea Fish meal packaging

Ideal for:

- Weight loss

- Joint support

- Many allergies

- Picky eaters

- Soft coat

What are the benefits of fresh dog food?

Better taste and digestion
Fresh ingredients have an all-natural array of colors, tastes and textures, creating a much tastier meal that is easier for your dog to naturally process and digest.

Immune system support
All ingredients are gently steam-cooked to preserve maximum nutrients, allowing your dog's system to absorb much more of what their body needs for their daily health.

Dental hygiene
An organic treat is included with every meal. Delicately crafted with mint, celery and pumpkin to help promote dental health, reduce doggy breath and aid in digestion.

Less toxins
More than Natural, PawFoods uses Organic Fruits and Vegetables to truly detox your pet and provide them the most satisfying, toxin and chemical-free meal they could ask for.

PawFoods healthy dog food vs kibble


meals served across the US

Delivered to your Doorstep

Shipping available Nationwide

(in the Continental US)

PawFoods bowls with different meals, steak, chicken and fish
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